What is the oil capacity on a 2007 Mini Cooper


What is the oil capacity on a 2007 Mini Cooper, non-S, with filter change? Is 5W30 preferred over 5W50? Why?


For your 2007 MINI Cooper non-S, I would recommend you use whatever viscosity is specified on the decal on the valve cover of your engine. MINI specifies API SH specification or higher on the synthetic motor oil with a volume of 4.2 liters or 4.4 US quarts when replacing the oil filter. On our Cooper S, the label states 5W/30. MINI approved oils belong to the 5W-40 and
5W-30 classes.

They also caution not to overfill.

I strongly recommend you stay with the recommended viscosity due to various components in the 2007 engine affected by hydraulic pressure. This includes the VANOS variable valve technology, on-demand water pump, and on-demand oil pump.


3 thoughts on “What is the oil capacity on a 2007 Mini Cooper

  1. I had my 2007 S into my Mini dealer for the first oil change at 20,000 miles, the next day the check enjine came on and checking things i see they overfilled the crankcase, could this be why the check engine lite came on the next day.

  2. Mini USA people have been well trained to sing the company song–take it to a dealer for everything. The nearest dealership is about 150 miles away and there is no way I’m driving that far for a high priced oil change. I have a 2007 S and was looking for the engine oil capacity in the manuals. Such information is apparently not included. They also recommend different brands of oil depending on where you look in the manuals provided?? The above comment by RT Reynoldson and others I have heard illustrate why going to a dealer may not be such a good idea anyway.
    Thanks again Mini USA for all of your so called “help”.

  3. My 2007 Mini S has been into the dealer for the first three oil changes. It costs me over a hundred bucks but I just needed it done and didnt want to deal with it. Well, this time around I decied to do it myself and planned ahead and got all of the nesessary parts; including an air filter. When I opened up my airbox I was appalled by what I saw. The filter was EXTREMELY dirty, I’m talking clogged up and there is no way that they have ever changed it. You would think for $100 bucks they could at least check it and charge me for a new one if it was bad?? Nope.. its all about turnaround and that would have taken 5 minutes. Never again will it be going back to the hacks. They only want your money and your vehicle to be problem free juuuuuust long enough for the warranty to expire. Also, I seriously wonder what oil they are really using. Now I have a set of rhino ramps and a stock of filter. It takes me 15 minutes and $30 bucks.

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