Cooper S Body Kits


Just wondering if you has any comments on the fit of your aftermarket body kits (CarZone KIT). Do you also sell Hamann kit for this body style. I am picking up my JCW Cooper S today and would like to get a nice body kit for it which does not look aftermarket asnd fits like factory, your comments are appreciated.


Almost all body kits including Carzone and Hamann, will require some ‘finishing work’ to get the pieces to fit just right.  Some body kits will require some fabrication for the mounting.  We don’t know of any body kits where you can simply paint and install.

The Orciari body kit is one of the better quality body kits we have seen.  This kit is made from ABS plastic instead of fiberglass (like the Carzone and Hamann).  ABS plastic tends to have better fit and finish.

Since you have a convertible, your MINI has the rear proximity sensors.  Most body kits do not accommodate for this feature and will require additional work to adapt this to the body kit.

If you want a factory looking body kit on your convertible, I would recommend the factory Aero Kit from your MINI dealership – they have options for the rear proximity sensor.


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