MINI Cooper S Convertible Spare Tire question


I have an ’05 MCS convertible. I am sick and tired of the run flats. they have useless tire life and are hard and noisy. I have gone through 6 in 19000 miles.

My question is will the spare ft in the trunk with the top down or up? Where do you put the spare if it does not fit? If it will. I am inclined to replace the run flats with normal tires and get the spare.

Yes, not many people stay with the runflats for the reasons you mentioned.

The spare fits upright in the boot area although it does take up a fair bit of space. The only alternative is a flat repair kit like our Mobility Kit or the roadside assistance from your car insurance carrier. In either case, you may need the tools to change the tire, not all MCS came with them. You should have these tools.


2 thoughts on “MINI Cooper S Convertible Spare Tire question

  1. I have an 03 Cooper S that came with run flats as well. I too changed to conventional tires. I bought a temporal spare and found it fits neatly when stood up in the footwell behind the passenger side seat. As I don’t utilize the back seat for passengers this is an ideal place, plus it does not interfere when the seats are folded and we have the back full of luggage.

  2. Do you have to replace the rims if you go to regular conventional tires.
    I have a 2003 Cooper S and too am tired of the run flats….. way too expensive for what they are.

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