Mini Cooper Message forum at Mini Mania achieves another milestone!

Over 16,000 users have now registered for one of the longest running message forums on the Internet. The Mini Cooper forum has now been on line for more than 10 years and is celebrating yet another milestone with the number of registered users. On the forum you can find both a social network and very detailed answers to technical questions. The message forum includes both classic Mini owners and owners of the new BMW MINI Cooper.

A new feature of the message board forum is the chance to see where all you fellow Mini Coopers owners live. The new mapping option allows you to see the location of all fellow message board users.

“We are extremely proud of the message board community that has evolved around the Mini Mania Website. After all these years of supporting the Mini Cooper community it has been very satisfying to also be able to give something back. Our message board has become the biggest part of our Website and we look forward to it’s continued growth”, says Don Racine, president of Mini Mania.

The Mini Cooper message forum provides the ability for the entire community to share there ideas, problems and technical expertise with fellow owners. The forum provides allows a community to find everything from that no longer available part to the best service shops. The classified pages sell more Mini Coopers than most dealerships.


2 thoughts on “Mini Cooper Message forum at Mini Mania achieves another milestone!

  1. Hi. I on numerous occasions be familiar with this forum. This is the oldest period unequivocal to ask a topic.
    How multitudinous in this forum are references progressive behind, disingenuous users?
    Can I worthiness all the advice that there is?

  2. HELP!!!
    I brought back a 1983 MINI Austin here in CA last Jan. 2009. I have all the neccessary paper works (ie, customs declrations, EPa, National Highway Safety)
    I was required by DMV to have a SMOG. It did not pass the test. can some one please help and guide me on how I can register my vehicle here in CA? All help will be greatly appreciated.

    Pedro R. Dizon Jr.

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