Dyno Testing at NCA’08

Fun and informative is the nature of this part of the Nevada City Adventure.  Very few MINIs have been left absolutely stock and thus it is fun to be able to actually measure the differences.  NO DRIVER Skill required!
Make your reservations now to have your MINI measured for wheel horsepower at the Nevada City Adventure, May 17th, 2008. We also very much would like to invite the very stock MINI to be measured to see if the factory is good to their promise also!  Each participant will receive a full color print-out of cars performance. Introducing a radically different approach to chassis dynamometer testing….

Dyno Testing

The Dynapack! – the only unique and technically sophisticated dyno available today in a market that is crowded with cookie-cutter designs. We have SOLVED the problem of tire slippage and the inconsistencies of the tire to roller interface – while our competitors try to pretend that these problems don’t exist. If you’ve operated a roller dyno, you know better. We’ve started with a clean sheet to design a dyno that truly performs and exceeds customer expectations. Why settle for a “standard” dyno when you can have so much more.
The Dynapack is a true load-brake dyno – just like the best engine dynos. We directly measure the work being performed, while others just estimate it. Since we have real hydraulic load brakes, we allow you to perform tests that simple inertia-dynos are incapable of. You can now have unprecedented control over the vehicle with a degree of resolution and precision that has to be seen to be believed.

And the Adventure starts here!


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