Mini Mania Open House and Lawn Party

By Jerry(Siddhartha) Bradbury

What can transform a peaceful sylvan lawn in Gold Country into a carnival overnight? The annual Mini Mania Open House and Lawn Party of course! Those who were there got to see first hand all the eye candy, but for those who were not, the Mini’s ranged from an electric Moke to a VTEC powered Classic, to Randy Steven’s tricked out CVT to Robert Holt’s Purple Haze convertible to three full on Mini race cars: my sprint car, Jacques Andres’ enduro car and Eric and Colin Herricks’s rally car, and many in between. Redwood Empire Minis had the largest contingent as one would expect from their proximity to Grass Valley, but there was also good representation from NorCal Minis and one brave couple from the Southern California Mini Maniacs club.
Nevada City Adventure

Presiding over the festivities was Don Racine, the visionary founder of Mini Mania which is not only the largest aftermarket Mini parts depot in this country, but is now branching out to the international arena as well. Don’s Aardvark racecar, clad in all the race venue stickers of its long career was posted prominently on the lawn.Jerry Mini Cooper

I spent most of the day talking with folks about racing and putting people into the driver’s seat of my USTCC race car. At regular intervals the whine or roar of an engine would underline the fact that dyno runs were in progress on the corner of the main building. It was a very popular attraction and many a Mini owner was seen clutching the dyno printout, while trying to find others who had less HP so they could gloat. Around noon a large group headed out for a tour of Gold Country roads which seem to have been engineered with the Mini precisely in mind.

As the day wound down, the silent auction winners were revealed and the popularity winners were announced and it was time to load ‘er on the trailer and head out for home, already planning on an appearance at next year’s Mini Mania Open House and Lawn Party.


2 thoughts on “Mini Mania Open House and Lawn Party

  1. Jerry,

    Great recap of the day. Thanks for taking such good notes. Your Mini is not only FAST but it looks great as well.

    A wonderful warm day in Nevada City courtesy of Don Racine and his great crew. Thank you for opening up your doors and spilling out all the generousity. You guys did a great job and it is appreciated by all.

    Hot Dogs and Burgers were good, ice cream was GREAT!!!

    Nice group of helpful and informative vendors.

    Looking forward to next year.

    See you at the Wine Country Classics at Infineon next week and the Magical Mystery Mini Tour in September.

    Cheers for now and don’t forget……keep the rubber side down.


  2. Hi Jerry,
    Had a blast out there with you and all the Mini Maniacs. Looking forward to getting the cars out on the track soon!

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