Sprint Booster- ‘A must have!”

After reading about the Sprint Booster on earlier postings, I was able to track down some info at SprintBoosterSales.com

After an email exchange with Ken at: info@sprintboostersales.com, I decided to take the leap and order one of these units. Without dragging this out, let me just say that it is SUPERB and worth the cost (IMHO)! I finally figured out how to install the thing (it was easy, but, of course, I tried the hard things first) and it works as advertised.

Gets rid of all throttle lag – much MUCH faster throttle response – makes the car feel like it has at 10-15% more power (though, of course, that is really unchanged) due to the quickened throttle-engine response. I believe that this is much the same feeling that one would get with a “chip” flash. It chirps tires in 1st and 2nd without trying to do so and the backend squirms as the power is “put down” faster… Impressive for a plug-and-drive device.

All of the usual “doubters” out there will be questioning this, I am sure, but until you’ve tried it – save your comments and doubts for yourselves!!! I got the same reaction to my news on the InaZma Max Voltage device and those of you who have tried it know what a great unit that is!!! This is even better!


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