Should a MINI Cooper have a Sunroof?

While it seems like a popular option to many owners of a BMW MINI Cooper, the real question is if the negatives are worth the positives?   Sunroofs in cars seem to get very popular as with all government control on safety, it became more difficult to build actual convertibles. A Sunroof in a MINI Cooper can make for a very open and airy feel in a small car. But for the same reasons some people love the sunroof, other hate the leaking wind noise even when closed and most often many people find the bright sunlight a real nuisance!

Take the Poll –  Do you think having a Sunroof is a good idea?


Sunroof shade from Mini ManiaA convenient way to reduce the sun’s glare through the sunroof! This is a ‘must have’ for the sun belt region and for anyone with sensitivities to the sun. It also helps to reduce heat on any hot summer days.
You are looking at a BRAND NEW sunshade developed exclusively for the 2002-2006 R50 MINI Cooper and R53 Cooper S Hardtop with the Dual Sunroof. Exclusive Patented Design is custom fit for the MINI’s unique dual sunroof.
This product features UV Resistant foldable material, designed to reduce heat from the interior of your Mini Cooper. Very simple to install and remove within seconds, no tools necessarySunshade.

Comes complete with:
(1) Sun Shade for the front sunroof
(1) Sun Shade for the rear sunroof
(1) Carrying case


3 thoughts on “Should a MINI Cooper have a Sunroof?

  1. I have a sunroof on my `06 Cooper S because it came with it. I’ve opened it only a few times, but have no complaints as it seals good with no leaks or wind noise. Having one or not goes back to having the right to choose… whatever spins your wheels.

  2. I love the sunroof. I love to open it in summer and the airy feel in the cabin is great. I have the dual glass roof in my 03 MCS.

    Although I have to say, in California, all that glass really can superheat the car in the summer. So I tend to look for shady parking!

  3. Thanks for the tip – what I especially like is that it is UV resistant and reduces heat in the car.

    For me, the sun roof has always been an essential addition, and I have never had any issues with leaks or wind noise.

    Would definitely be good to have the option to put a sturdy shade over it though.

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