MINI Cooper ECU Upgrade


Get the Shark injector for your 2002-2006 R53 MINI Cooper S for only $300.00! (List Price $399.95) Group-Buy price is available only when a minimum of 10 people sign up. Contact to get on our list for this Special Offer!

The MINI Shark Injector, a true “plug-n-play” ECU upgrade combines an unbeatable low cost with the ultimate in convenience. The MINI Shark Injector provides superior performance throughout the entire RPM range while maintaining a safe margin for engine life. The MINI Shark Injector also provides an increase in the factory rev-limit, allowing for optimum shift points for maximum acceleration. Not only does it re-map part-throttle fuel and spark, it also re-maps areas other tuners don’t touch – such as acceleration enrichment and transition fueling (how the car responds to rapid change in pedal). The MINI Shark Injector plugs into the OBD II data port of your MINI and with the push of a button the pre-programmed upgrade is uploaded to your ECU. The Shark Injector stores the original factory ECU programming, allowing for an easy return to stock factory ECU settings – simply repeat the process and press the button again. The Shark Injector software is offered in both high and low octane fuel tuning versions. You should order your Shark Injector with an octane rating that is compatible with the level of octane/quality of fuel available in your area. When placing your order please specify tuning for use with either 91 or 93 octane. The Shark Injector is optimized for the Cooper S with a -15% Supercharger Pulley reduction, but will also improve performance in a stock Cooper S. For 2002-2006 R53 MINI Cooper S with Manual Transmissions – USA & Canadian Models only. Offer expires 01/18/09


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