And now a word from our sponsors

Leading the pack at Infineon

Leading the pack at Infineon

Photos by Jim Williams (above) and Jerry Bradbury

by Jerry (Siddhartha) Bradbury USTCC #37

Without the help of these sponsors, there would have been no racing effort for me this year.

It will come as no surprise to my readers that since 1974, Mini Mania has specialized in parts and accessories for the Classic Austin Mini Cooper, and now the new BMW MINI Coopers. Mini Mania is the largest supplier of afteremarket Mini and MINI goodies in the world. The friendly folks at Mini Mania will do everything possible to get your parts and accessories into your hands quickly and efficiently. Their merchandise is the highest quality and the directions for installation or use are clear and concise. In addition, they are always ready with help and advice. My car is faster than ever before because of Mini Mania speed parts. There is no better place to get your Mini and MINI parts and accessories than Mini Mania. Call them at 800-94 MANIA.

Don Racine, owner of MiniMania with his 2008 USTCC race car driver


Based in Oakland, California, Bay Bridge Motors continues to be the refuge for my race car. When it was totaled last fall, Jacques Andres and his crew resurrected it and turned it into the car it is today. Jacques, a former racer himself, has 18 years experience in building race cars and engines and has been offering repair and service for Minis and BMWs in the Bay Area for 10. There are two shops under one roof. Bay Bridge Motors handles repair, service and maintenance while Clean Green Collision does the body work and fabrication. The personal attention and reasonable rates you and your car receive is something no dealer can provide. So for Mini Cooper and BMW service and repair in the San Francisco Bay Area, think Bay Bridge Motors. For collision and auto body work for Mini Cooper and BMW, think Clean Green Collision. Both are located at 2408 Mandela Parkway, Oakland, CA 94607. Call 510 208 3273.

Jacques Andres, owner of Bay Bridge Motors with his 2008 USTCC race car driver


Final 2008 USTCC tally & trophy count:

4 Top Rookie finishes

1 podium finish (3rd)

Rookie of the Year

3rd overall for the season

A very successful first year, thanks to my sponsors, MiniMania and Bay Bridge Motors

Thanks for listening.



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