New Brake Cooling System under Test

Performance Mini Cooper Brake Cooling System upgrade for your front brakes reduces peak operating temperatures for improved braking performance. Greatly reduces brake fade with stock brakes and lowers peak temperatures on big brake kits. This kit is recommended for track use.

nmb4000bThe PBCS diverts high velocity air from under the lower control arms and directs the flow to the rotor. This track proven set-up greatly reduces peak operating temperatures for consistent and predictable braking performance throughout an event.

The PBCS for the MINI uses a design commonly found on Porsche and BMW track cars. Unlike other kits that require ‘cutting’ of the bumper and inner panels, this is a complete ‘bolt-on’ kit that requires NO modifications to your MINI. This is a track set-up due to reduced clearance under the inlet scoop. If the car is driven to the track on the street, we recommend you remove the inlet scoop to prevent possible damage from road debris – you simply remove a hose clamp and zip ties to remove the scoop.

This kit consists of a pair of custom high quality TIG welded black anodized backing plate, a pair of highly durable Polyethylene Intake scoops designed specifically for the MINI, 500°F Silicone ducting, and all hardware for a complete installation.

This product is currently only available for the first generation of the BMW MINI Cooper (2001 thru 2006 models) but the great news is that testing is now under way to provide a kit for our later models!  Keep an eye on the New Products page of Mini Mania.


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