MINI Cooper Engine Damper – Vibration Evasion

This one part can literally make or break your engine

Engine Damper Engine

No matter how well-tuned it is, your race engine is a grumbling beast. Consider that there are four controlled explosions with every turn of the crankshaft in a V-8 engine. At 7,000 rpm, the spark plugs fire off an air/fuel charge 28,000 times every minute.

From the driver’s seat, it may feel like the engine is providing a constant source of power, but the events taking place inside reveal the contrary. When the cylinder fires, an expansion of gasses from the burning fuel places incredible amounts of downward pressure on the piston. Of course, that’s what we want since the engine is supposed to burn fuel to produce horsepower. Unfortunately, that force is neither smooth nor consistent. The force of the burning fuel pushing the piston down the cylinder bore must be converted to a spinning force by the connecting rod and the arm on the crankshaft. Plus, when the piston is being pushed up the cylinder on the compression stroke, the force is acting in the opposite direction.  The rest of the story can be found here!

Performance Hamonic Damper replacement for you 2002-2006 R50 MINI Cooper and R53 Cooper S Hatchback, and 2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertibles.This is a great alternative to the stock Harmonic Damper which can fail over time.

This new design is a direct replacement for the stock OEM Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S damper. The heart of this unit is the tried and true “damper within a damper” design that has put ATI ahead of the rest. The outer shell has been machined to allow OEM serpentine belt locations, and includes laser-etched timing marks.

[ ] Eliminates torsional crankshaft vibrations
[ ] Exceeds SFI 18.1 specs
[ ] Laser etched 360° timing marks
[ ] Black zinc chromate finished

Note: The Mini Cooper or Cooper S Belt Tensioner Tool is recommended to remove or replace factory belt.

Total weight: 3.60 lbs.
Inertia weight: 2.20 lbs.

For the Factory replacement Harmonic Balancer, see NME7647.

For a lightweight Crankshaft Pulley Upgrade, see NME5030.

2 thoughts on “MINI Cooper Engine Damper – Vibration Evasion

  1. this email is because im looking for a damper crankshaft for a mini cooper type S 2003. if you would please email me back with an answer and a price i would highly appreciate it.

    thank you.

    • Jafet,

      We have three replacement parts available for you..
      a stock replacement, a super dampner, and a lightweight aluminum version.

      If there is anything else you might need, please let us know.
      we’ve got special offers and discounts at

      please feel free to contact us!

      Thank you very much!

      Mini Mania
      870 Gold Flat Road
      Nevada City, CA 95959-3200 USA

      Telephone: 530-470-8300
      Toll Free Order Line: 800-94MANIA
      Toll Free Fax: 800-MANIA01
      Fax: 530-470-8388

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