MINI may Revive the Riley brand

Autocar has also learnt that another, rather more unexpected version of the Mini is being considered by the design team. It’s an outright luxury model that would herald the revival of the Riley brand.

MINI Cooper Riley ElfThe concepts for the Riley show that it will either be a spin-off from the Mk3 Mini, due in 2013, or a new notchback body style inspired by the original Riley Elf and Wolseley Hornet.

Many at BMW acknowledge that a super-luxury version of the Mini, fitted with a very high-end wood and leather interior, is likely to have appeal to affluent city dwellers.

However, others argue that a notchback Mini would attract buyers in countries that regard hatchbacks as low rent. A three-door van, based on a version of the Countryman platform, is also likely to feature in the future Mini plan.

Despite the profusion of niche models, the challenge for the Mini design team is to nail down the form of the Mini 3.

More of the information can be found here:


2 thoughts on “MINI may Revive the Riley brand

  1. A Guinness moment, absolutely brilliant! British-Leyland and BMC history repeating itself: badge engineering!

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