A First Look at MINI’s Rally Car as Prodrive Completes Shakedown

MINI‘s new Countryman WRC  car has just completed its initial “shakedown” by Prodrive, the incredibly successful motorsports company that is building the rally car.
MINI Countryman WRC
More importantly, however, we’ve been provided with the first glimpse at the rally version of the MINI crossover, with a massive rear spoiler, big off-road tires and a significantly lowered suspension. MINI has confirmed, however, that the aerodynamics on the car are not the ones that will be used when it makes its WRC debut.

Prodrive ran the car for four days at its facility in Warwickshire, driving mostly on tarmac, but also on dirt. The car is now scheduled to travel to Portugal where it will undergo a week of gravel testing.

“As with any totally new car, it is vital to take time to ensure all the systems are working as intended before embarking on a week long gravel test,” said David Lapworth, Prodrive technical director.

MINI intends to run some of the 2011 WRC before preparing for a full season of racing in 2012.

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One thought on “A First Look at MINI’s Rally Car as Prodrive Completes Shakedown

  1. I was a little leary when I first heard that mini was coming out with the Countryman. What makes Mini’s so unique is that they are true to their origin and changing them to fit the mainstream car out there on the road was disconcerning. That’s why we love mini’s they are unique and there isn’t anything else like it. I wasn’t real pleased with the clubman, but I must admit, they did a good job with the countryman. I’m impressed.

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