History and legality of License Plates in the US

France was the first country in the world to introduce license plates for the automobile in 1893. Many other countries followed including Germany in 1896 and the Netherlands in 1906. The first license plates in the US were issued by the state of New York in 1901.
Government regulations in almost all countries and states require a license plate on the front and rear of the car. Most states use the license plate registration as a reference point to track all the make, model and ownership information for a vehicle.
Mini Cooper Clubman License Plate

License plates are typically affixed directly to the car and thus most cars are designed with mounting places and holes for a standard plate. It is also very common is surrounded by a frame from either a dealership or some other custom frame to personalize it.
It is also very easy and common in the US to request and purchase a ‘vanity’ or personalized license plate. And the MINI owners of the America love to personalize their cars. This great example of a personal license plate can be found on the back of my daughter’s MINI Cooper S Clubman!

The BMW MINI Cooper range of cars in the US does not allow for easy mounting of the required front license plate.
Does your state require a front license plate? Do you HATE the idea of drilling holes into your beloved MINI bumper? Do you want to avoid the ticket from the ever-friendly traffic officer? Here is the answer to your dilemma!

Custom frames are available from Mini Mania.

The following are just a few of our fellow MINI Cooper owners that have custom plates!























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