Identify your Mini


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The Mark Identification Matrix is meant to aid in the identification of British made Minis only. Please read the “Minis Built for Export and Minis Built Outside of the UK” section of the Mini Identification article to identify non-British Minis.
The Engine Identification Matrix is intended to be a supplement to the “Identifying Minis by Engine/Power Unit” section of the Mini Identification article. If your engine has an ID tag you should read “Identifying Minis by Engine/Power Unit“.


One thought on “Identify your Mini

  1. We purchased Mini 2005 and have used it only as a “second car” for minimum driving.
    The car has under 40,000 miles, has been regularly checked, and last year it began to have
    problems – it would suddenly slow down, loose power, stop. We had taken the car to the only Mini dealer locally, they drove it for (verbatim)?” >100 miles” and could not find anything wrong with the car. We did not notice that during this time our CD stopped working, as we haven’t used it much. Mini denied they would have used any music, but we placed our CD inside several months later and the electronics would not read (the lecture on CD) – what can be done?
    As for #1: the Mini replaced all fluids they felt would be necessary, but upon retrieval of the car, we had it again stuck on the side of the road.This scenario continues to happen and we do not consider this car dependable to drive.

    We would like to know what avenues to take apart from ongoing discussions with the local Mini sales, as we do not believe the car that has always been advertised as not only top of the line, dependable, and in fact an expensive car to maintain to end up with these issues.
    We read about many problems Mini Coopers have with transmission, but one mechanic mentioned the possibility of “low battery”… The ongoing web is full of transmission problems that people have with Mini Coopers built at that time, I have spent thousands on replacements of different parts, and I would hope that someone would provide me with some reliable answers.
    Where could I get these (if not here) , or whom to address my complaints?
    The local Mini sales was all but helpful looking for a buck.
    I need a dependable car that I was told I was purchasing.
    P.S. What can I do to rectify the situation with the “non-reading CD compartment” – car was driven by Mini and the only time I noticed this condition was months later upon my attempt to listen to a lecture. Mini denied any responsibility due to time factor.
    Again, please advise me whom to contact and with whom to discuss these issues?

    GFSlonka PhD

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