MINI Thunder 2

Mini Thunder II, A great adventure!

Mini Thunder II has now finished the second annual event at Thunder Hill raceway outside of the small town of Willows in Northern California.

The event was conceived of by a local very active MINI club and their close ties to a local race track promoter that also owned a MINI. The first event last year was good and provided a solid foundation to make this event great! More than a simple ‘day at the track’, the event is fast becoming a real happening.

The event started Saturday evening with each entrant being treated to a buffet style real dinner complete with all the choices and deserts you could ask for. Each entrant also received a free script of paper money that could be used at the back jack, craps, poker or 21 tables that were especially set up for the evening. Winning could at any time be redeemed for any of the various MINI/Mini related items that were donated by numerous vendors.

The real fun began on Sunday Morning as the almost 100 strong Mini owners were divided up into groups based on their experience levels and assigned numerous track sessions. The novice drivers of the group were all assigned driving instructors that rode with them for as long as they felt needed. Even a number of the very experienced drivers benefited from the donated time from instructors from various forms of racing that contributed their time and talent to the effort. It for sure would not have been possible without their help and dedication.

Mini Mania was proud to be invited to help sponsor and promote the event. Our team of four Classic Mini Vintage Race Cars and two BMW MINIs were displayed, raced and used for demonstration rides for visitors and fellow participants.


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