Nevada City Adventure 2011!

Story and photography by: John Burnett

NEVADA CITY, California – In 1850 pioneers travelled thousands of miles in covered wagons to discover gold in this small mountain town. On June 11th, 2011 people travelled in their MINI Coopers and Classic Minis from all over the west coast, not to find their fortune, but to attend Mini Mania’s 11th annual Nevada City Adventure. This year’s participants found no gold, but there was no shortage of chrome in these foothills!

The scene was set on the six acre Mini Mania compound in the foothills surrounded by majestic pines, blue skies and spring-like weather throughout the day. The first to roll in was Rick Williamson, driving a green classic VTEC converted Mini with a surfboard on top. By 10:00am the parking lot was nearly full, with MINI Coopers on the right, and classic Minis filling up the left, close to one hundred  cars total!. The Bob Woods Trio treated everyone to live music on the lawn. Mini owners mingled, enjoying ice cream from Lazy Dog and savory hotdogs from the folks at Top Dog, while others tested their Bocce skills out on the new Bocce Ball court. The more relaxed folks set up their folding chairs in the shade of the pines and just took in all the sights.

Vendors for this year included Show Car Detailing ( with Richard Lin showing folks how to properly detail their car. Measuring Mini power by way of their twin Dynapack Chassis Dynamometers was Driving Ambition ( The sound of Minis maxing rpm’s was part of the background music accompanying the event throughout the day.

By far the most unusual Classic Mini of the event was a bright yellow beast powered by a Ford Cosworth engine and owned by Bill Brooks!

The day was peppered with raffle prizes and giveaways, the highlight was the People’s Choice Awards, where participants voted for their favorite Minis in various categories.

People’s Choice Award Winners are as follows:

  • Classic – Best Overall – Rick Williamson
  • Classic – Cleanest – Carl Hoard
  • Classic – Most Stuff –  Brian Howe
  • Classic – Paint Graphics  – Josh Trundle
  • MINI – Best Overall – Randy Stevens
  • MINI – Best Graphics – Helen Boss
  • MINI – Cleanest – Terri and Gary Morgan
  • MINI – Most Stuff – Tony Obando

The day’s activities concluded with a tour of Nevada County that lead participants up scenic Highway 20 and down a windy side road through towering pine trees to the little charming town of Washington, where everyone took a moment to stretch their legs and enjoy the scenery along the beautiful Yuba river. On the way back, the tour stopped at a scenic overlook on Highway 20 and lined up for a panoramic photography shoot. Everyone had a great time!


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