One thought on “MINI BLING! Take a look at some HOT items for your MINI and $ave!

  1. Have 04 MINI Cooper w autom tranny, maintained, garaged, with 40.K.
    Do not trust local MINI cealership that sold us the car, kept saying over how the car is fine althoughbit was not, but when we took it there after taking it to
    a local mechanic, we were told to have ” software upgrade” done at the dealership that could never find anything wrong on it while under warranty.
    Not only they dud not do upgrade ?, they gave us information that sensors are involved, but while driving the car back home, we knew that the transmission is the main issue, as we tried to point out from the beginning and while it was still under warranty.
    Does anyone know of a reputable MINI mechanic or shop in Missouri?
    Would anyone suggest what to do when the corporate offices keep saying they do not know f any issues?
    How can such reputable company keep selling cars with transmissions they do know wouod not work?
    Does anyone have the proper corporate address here in the US and in Germany?

    Thank you for any response.

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