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One thought on “Learn, Save, Shop at Mini Mania!

  1. Greetings

    need to know how much would be a Mini Cooper with to sell with allegedly malfunctions no transmission, not even sure about that, paid to two separate places, each said something different.

    The Mini Cooper is 2004 and has 43K on it, it is drive able, it in a new battery, but need probably
    new tires.
    Oil was replaced.
    we are aware of the lawsuit with MINI/BMW and were not contacted although we provided our name/
    address and all credentials to the company.
    Where does this leave us?

    Cannot have a MINI Cooper standing in the garage and drive it around the block once a while while
    paying stickers, insurance, and all costly associated fees.

    Please advise us anyone what can we do, we are in the process of moving to a different state and
    cannot leave the car “just standing here”.
    Can anyone reply to us?
    We followed the transmission fault and according to the info we have, BMW was supposed to call or somehow can’t natch us since it should cover this car as well.

    It overheats when driven and stops entirely. This put us in a dangerous situation more than once,
    please could you suggest th steps we need to take since no one contacted us….

    Thank you, please reply to stadion.romana@hushmail.com

    Also, with $7,000 for tranny, hoe much is the car worth then? How much could we ask for as is?
    Is there a web link that would provide us w this information?

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