Mini Cooper Brake Fluid

Question: 2002 Mini Cooper Brake Fluid
NOTE: I own a 2002 5 speed Mini Cooper. Can I purchase any brand of DOT 4 fluid or do I need to purchase DOT 4 from my local mini dealer….I guess the real question to ask: Is there a difference between DOT 4 fluids as they pertain to use in the Mini? The vehicle is driven very seldom and relatively gently, so the demands on the braking system are typically very low….

Hi Cary,
Thank you for your email.
The MINI calls for DOT 4 brake fluid – standard off the shelf fluid works fine as long as it is DOT 4.
MINI recommends replacing the fluid every 2 years. This reason for this is the hygroscopic nature of the brake fluid – it attracts water / moisture. Over time the water content of the fluid increases and may lead to reduced braking efficiency and possible damage to the ABS. Great article on Mini Cooper Brake Fluid
Hope this helps.
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