Mini Cooper Fender Arch Light

Hi Ken,
Happy New Year. The mini was hit in what appeared to be a parallel parking hit and run….it destroyed the rear drivers side red fender light. Do you carry this part? If yes, what is the cost (does it come with a light bulb…if not, please include the cost if you carry the part).

HI Cary,
Sorry to hear of the accident!
Here is the link to the replacement Mini Cooper Fender Arch Light – it includes the bulb and holder. Item is in stock.
$35.50 plus shipping – $6.16 for USPS. $44.32 total.
We have your card on file if you would like us to enter an order for you.
Please let me know.
Best regards,

Second Question:
Thank you….I went onto the link and it indicates installation requires two lock nuts, which cost $1.55 each…are these included with the module? My card information has changed so I guess I need to open a new account?

Hi Cary,
The nuts are not included, but you should be able to re-use the old ones, if you still have them… If not, I can add them to your order.
Yes, all we need is the new card details. You can call us, or maybe send the details over several emails, if you like.
Best regards,

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