Mini Cooper Driving Lights


NAME: jamie
SUBJECT: Driving lights
NOTE: Hello,  I am interested in installing driving lights on my r56 Mini Cooper but I have been told that it is not that simple since I have xenon lights.  Before I buy the wiring harness/brackets and lamps, can you confirm what wire I should tap into for the high beams?  I know that without the xenon option it is simple: just tap into yellow wire with blue stripe…but not with xenons.
Thanks so much in advance


Hi Jamie,
Thank you for your interest with Mini Mania and our products.
You can take a look at the installation instructions here – it includes instructions for both Halogen Driving Lights and Xenon driving lights.
Let me know if you have any further questions.
PS- you might also look at our Mini Cooper factory Driving Lights Application Guide
Best regards,

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