Cooper Convertible upgrades

“I’m getting a base mini cooper convertible and wanted to know if there is anything
available to increase its acceleration/performance.”

There are some performance upgrades available for your Cooper Convertible, and they each make incremental improvements. However, even with all our upgrades and many $$$, your Cooper will not keep up with a stock Cooper S.

A simple upgrade may be an Intake upgrade – NME2018 or Filter upgrade – NME2005 or NME2020.

We don’t have an exhaust system upgrade to fit the Cooper Convertible.

We also offer an ECU upgrade with changes the software on your MINI for a little more performance – NME4240.

Beyond the items above, you can also upgrade the cylinder head an camshaft.

These items will work with both the manual and automatic transmission.

If you are running the stock wheels with the runflat tires, you can actually improve performance by switching to lightweight wheel with standard non-runflat tires. (The stock set-up is very heavy.)


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