Mini Mania’s MINI Cooper Turbo Upgrade Offer

Although the factory turbo does a splendid job of forced induction for the Cooper S, there is room for improvement. We are offering two excellent Turbo upgrades  have been developed with emphasis on ‘Quick Spool’ for faster response and are suitable for road or track applications.

Mini Mani is offering two Turbo upgrade options for your 2007 MINI Cooper S:

Option 1. K03 SUPER 42 Turbo Upgrade

These units will work with many of your existing  OEM components. and are designed to be a No Tuning Required turbo that will deliver ~ +30hp as a stand alone. Additional horsepower is available  when combined with other upgrades such as Hi-Flow Intakes, Upgraded Downpipes,  Exhausts, and ECU upgrades.

These units use an optimized selection of different turbochargers parts to deliver added durability as well as quick spooling speed.


The Super 42 high pressure high-flow dual scrolling turbo upgrade uses a big 42mm compressor to give you boost that starts early and last much longer than even the JWC turbo. This turbocharger delivers outstanding response with torque and power gains across the entire power-band and the 42mm design gives you extra boost at the top end when you need it most. If you are looking for an extreme street upgrade that delivers full race performance this is the turbo for you. It will deliver great torque, spool early, and last long. For race applications we recommend one of the aftermarket exhaust systems which will allow this turbo to reach its full potential.

Option 2. K04 EXTREME 45R Turbo Upgrade

When we say High flow we mean it!  The K04 turbocharge has a larger exhaust turbine which is designed to increase the amount of air flowing though your engine. Since the exhaust turbine is larger it will spool up a little slower but wait until the top end! This means that instead of spooling up at 1800rpms like in the OEM K03 turbocharger the K04 will spool up at 2800rpms to 3000rpms.


The K04 Extreme 45R upgrade high pressure high-flow dual scrolling turbo uses a large 45mm compressor to give you full boost at the top end. This turbocharger delivers the boost at the higher RPM which is perfect for the track, or any off-road application and extreme street applications. The 45mm design gives you extra boost at the top end when you need it most and prevents the torque loss you see with the stock Mini Cooper turbo.

If you are looking for an extreme track, strip, off-road or extreme street upgrade that delivers full race performance this is the turbo for you. It will deliver great torque, and last longer than any other turbo on the market. For ALL applications you should consider installing a high flow / low backpressure aftermarket exhaust system which will allow this turbo to reach its full potential.

The K04 Extreme 45R turbocharger is engineered to be the most reliable and high-performance upgrade turbo for the 2007+ Mini JCW. This is the number 1 upgrade for your JCW and gives you extreme power for all applications above 400hp.

  • Huge 45mm compressor
  • Upgraded 360deg bearing
  • Designed for higher pressure
  • High temperature alloy turbine housing
  • Dual scrolling turbine housing
  • Water cooled bearing housing

Mini Mania can supply a  Turbo Install Kit, part number G2NMK2222 This kit includes all the most commonly replaced gaskets and seals, plus a new oil supply line. Additional gaskets, seals and other hardware may be required depending on the installation.

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Hi Flow Turbo Outlet Pipe R55/56/57 Mini Cooper S.$299.95
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Actual Size Graphic Mini Cooper & S.
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Nology Plug Wires & Coil Upgrade R50/52/53 Cooper And S.$299.95
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Mini Cooper Antenna Compact Stubby Billet 2 5/8 Inch.$29.95
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Center Armrest With Storage Box Mini Cooper & S All Models.$375.00
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Commute Mate Cell Cup.$15.95
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Mini Auxiliary Audio Input Kit R50/52/53 Mini Cooper And S.$63.95
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Ignition Coil Upgrd W/ Bolts Msd R50/52/53 Cooper And S.$119.95
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Mini Cooper Ipod G3 Interface Kit R50/52/53 Cooper & S.$299.95
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Oem Aero Kit Top Front Bumper Grille Only Mini Cooper & S.$59.95
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Oem Aero Kit Black Grille R50/52/53 Mini Cooper And S.$79.95
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Mini Cooper Ultimate Armrest Blk/blk R50/52/53 Cooper & S.$179.95
Sale: $160.00 (Expires: 3|19|12)

Plasma Booster Ignition Upgrade R50/52/53 Cooper And S.$269.95
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Mini Thunder 3 - Mini Mania Inc.

We arrived in Willows, CA early in the afternoon Saturday. The weather was a great, a nice change from the drizzle that was hitting the Mini Mania facility in the foothills a couple hours behind us. There were already MINIs in the parking lot of the hotel lined up like rockettes. After we checked in, we headed up to Thunderhill Raceway.

Mini Thunder 3 - Mini Mania Inc.

When we passed the gates at Thunderhill there were already MINIs in the lot, and more slowly trickling in. Eager participants for tomorrows event, The Mini Thunder 3, were arriving to pre-register, have some dinner, and do a little pseudo gambling afterwards when the casino night started.

Mini Thunder 3 - Mini Mania Inc.

MINIs were scattered across the parking lot. There were a  few hardcore MINI guys that looked like they had been there all day driving and wrenching on their own cars in lieu of a pit crew. They must have brought everything they needed with them packed tetris-style in the boot of their MINI’s. Our hats are off to these types of MINI enthusiasts. The RV with a trailer & MINI combo was a common sight. Some of the RV’s are outfitted like mobile command units with a trailer in tow packed full of go fast goodies.

Mini Thunder 3 - Mini Mania Inc.

We setup our table and put out a few items as well as our donation to the gambling prize pool. As soon as people were done eating the dinner Thunderhill Grill prepared for us, the casino tables showed up, and the Thunderbucks came into play. The sound of hoots, hollers, chips being paid out, and jubilance signaled that dinner was over. We had lots of questions to answer, as MINI folk have inquiring minds when it comes to replacing parts or upgrading to performance parts on their pride & joy. The Sprintbooster that we brought with us was quickly purchased. (thanks Jerome w/ the green ALL4) Next time, we’ll bring more with us.

Mini Thunder 3 - Mini Mania Inc.

We also took with us a very hard to find MINI JCW jacket that we held a drawing for during the festivities.  It was oogled and talked about for a while. A woman there said they had ordered the same jacket from MINI of SF and they were STILL waiting on it to show up. “Is that an XL?” she asked, “oh my god it is” she exclaimed, “I’m going to enter to WIN this”.

Mini Thunder 3 - Mini Mania Inc.

We held the drawing later that evening. There was eager anticipation from everyone in the room curious to see who would win the JCW jacket that evening.  Linda J. from Bend, Oregon was picked to be the lucky winner.
A big congratulations to you from everyone at Mini Mania Linda!!

Mini Thunder 3 - Mini Mania Inc.

We arrived early Sunday morning at Thunderhill Raceway, We didn’t want to miss anything. We walked the whole race lot before anyone got called to pre-grid and was able to take some great photos. We haven’t seen so MINIs side by side in a long time. They were EVERYWHERE! It was a veritable MINI takeover!.

Mini Thunder 3 - Mini Mania Inc.

There were MINI snouts and MINI boots peeking around every corner as far as the eye could see. We saw a limited number of non-MINIs present.. and we’re sure the owners took a second glance around wondering if they were in the right place. When the MINIs did get called to pre-grid they swarmed and lined up at the track entrance like happy angry hornets.

Mini Thunder 3 - Mini Mania Inc.

There were some real talented drivers at the MINI Thunder 3. We got to watch some great driving skills being exercised. We only wish we had more Mini’s on the track. =)

Mini Thunder 3 - Mini Mania Inc.

We would like to thank Norm for inviting us out again this year.
We had a blast.. again!
We cant wait until next year!
– Mini Mania

Mini Thunder 3 - Mini Mania Inc.

See more great photos on my MINI Thunder III Photo Album on G+ is powered by Mini Mania Inc., the leading online retailer of Mini Cooper Wheels  in the US.  Also browse our selection of  Mini Cooper Graphics online today!