Mini Cooper cigarette lighter

Mini Cooper cigarette lighter auxilliary socket (NMI8640)
I have sourced an assembled socket to fit into my R53 Mini but I think it needs to be inserted in its component parts (as per your picture) in order to fit.
Are you able to advise how you disassemble the socket into the 3 parts shown so I can then fit it into the car?

Hello Alistair,
Thank you for your interest with Mini Mania and our products.
The luminous rings has plactic barbs at the 12 and 6 o’clock position (as oriented in the photo).
The bulb socket has barbs the hold the lips on the luminous rings.
I recommend you warm the parts in warm water before you attempt to dis-assemble. Otherwise the plastic luminous ring may be brittle and break.
Good luck,

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